During my time search engine optimizing my own site and providing professional SEO services, I have seen a lot of good ways to stay undiscovered on the Internet.  Here is my top 10 list:

10. Don’t use social media; its too much trouble (don’t blog either).

9. Don’t tell anybody about your blog posts or website.

8. Don’t use the page description tag.

7. Only put the name of your site in the page title tag.

6. Have lots of pictures without any written content or alt tags.

5. Build your site with Flash.

4. Optimize your site for the name of your business.

3. Optimize your site for words or phrases you think people are using in their searches without doing any research to determine the actual words of phrases people use to find your product or service.

2. Optimize your site for words or phrases for which people are barely searching.   For example, optimize your site for Chicagoland, rather than Chicago;  or deejay, rather than DJ.

1. Spend thousands of dollars on professional web developers who craft an attractive, appealing website, and no dollars on professional search engine optimization.